Inktober #14-17.  I’m totally not late with my inktobers, jeez.  I draw with ink every single day…I just hate scanning in things and cleaning them up.  Why not just take crooked, instagram filtered photos of drawings with an assortment of pens and markers besides ‘em?  Iunno.  

  1. banan dickfruits and dancin decrepit zombie hippie at Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival
  2. Big Daddy’s Antiques
  3. Room N19

I really like Barron’s class, I haven’t been so motivated to draw since I had Mahoney as a teacher.  They both have real refreshing and liberating ideas about drawin’. And Barron always has cool storeys (heh) to tell.

The real issue here is that he caught me drawing him with a moe anime cowlick.  And he poked the page with his moe anime finger.

ball-crusher asked:
idk if you know this but store envy is totally cockblocking me from buying shit bc something is up with your Paypal account? Or something…..?

Thanks for letting me know bro, I just tried to fix it. Let me know if it’s functioning now!

Howdy, this is my comic about gay metal bros.  I guess it could be considered “”“”yaoi”“”” if you’re a silly weeb, or gay porn.  Basically it’s about guys bein’ dudes.  Tommy is a vegan but he loves sausages.  He turns into a weregay and gives in to his weenie lust.  It’s absolutely not a metaphor for repressed sexuality.  Just guy things!

I also handmade lil zines of this comic for APE!  
You can order a physical copy on [STORENVY]
[TAPASTIC] for the extra pages
[GUMROADfor digital download

In the 1960’s, this lil ginger kid wandered down the west coast of the US, from Vancouver to Portland to SF, relying on the kindness of strangers and friends.  Those strangers and friends would often take advantage of his poverty and penchant for drugs.  He got the name “Skeets” for the service he provided and became known for within that circle of junkies and dealers.

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