Huhuhuh I’m taking a horror movie critical studies class this semester.  The first film we watched was the 1922 Nosferatu.  I’m really gay for vampires as symbols of plague/stds and threats to heteronormative family structures so I drew a ratty nosferatu while watching.  He’s got a lil womb for him to incubate his verminous rodent spawn WITH FRESH SEMEN.  How useful!

Anonymous asked:
Hey,what inspired you to become an animator/cartoonist in the first place?

I’d like to be a cool artist dude and go “OH I watched didnypixar miyazaki when I was 8 and that ~changed my life 4ever~” but uh.  I’m a lot more mundane.  When you’re in senior year of high school, you have to decide what you wanna do for the rest of your miserable life!  I was never very good at anything, but I liked drawing.  When you’re in a tight situation and you gotta chose college majors might as well try something you enjoy even if you’ve never taken any relevant classes heh…

Mostly it was going to CSSSA that solidified my choice of an animation major, cuz I had fun during the animation pre-college program.  Holla at all those tumbl people who messaged me once “HEY HOW DO I GET TO CSSSA PLS SHOW PROTFOLIO”, then never talked to me again after getting what they wanted :^)

Finally finding the time to traditional ink is so satisfying B)  Inking digitally is the gaping ass of satan and I never enjoy having to stare into his infernal prolapse.

Yeah, so anyways, portraits of kings (two out of seven), and starting to conceptualize for ~*~METUHL \m/~*~ biker dwarves (one out of seven!).  I’ve never drawn a vehicle before, but I’m gonna force myself to get used to this.

Oh cool… got a formal complaint from the dubya eeh about this ziggle drawing.  I sorta forgot I had a redbubble (pfft I’ll remember it when I actually have designs I want on shirts n stuff), but it’s strange that they’d complain about THAT specific drawing when there’s still other…stuff up there.  Not just my account either, redbubble/society6 is just chock fulla fanart and other violations of american copyright.  

INTERESTING.  Has this happened to anyone else regarding fanart on redbubble/society6?