Howdy. My name is maggie and when I grow up I want to make cartoons and comics about hair metal and death metal. Also i type too much.


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Finally had time to work on this

Finally had time to work on this

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April 22 2014
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Hello my name is maggie and i draw musicians and wresslemen like cheap saturday morning cartoons at 3:00AM because I’ve lost control of my life.  Beware beware the gingerbeard man even though his hair looks black the gingerbeard reveals HIS LIES

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April 21 2014
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Our kickstarter has launched.

We’ve got some killer artwork, created by killer artists whose work will thrill (but not kill) you. We’ve got a goal of $12,000. 

The book itself not only features dozens of illustrations, but several comic shorts by our talented artists—as well as a personal bio pages with illustrated portraits! In total there are 148 pages of art work. The illustrations will all be printed in color on a coated, heavy weight matte paper. The book will be 8.5 x 11 and perfect bound with a gloss varnished soft cover. All this from 32 amazing artists.

So please check out our project. If you like gore, horror, the weird or the unusual, we would be grateful for your support!

We have until Sat, Jun 6 2014 1:54 AM EDT to make our goal.

Support our project here: Kickstarter 
Follow our blog & updates here:  Tumblr

I am in this, with a 10 page *~FULL COLOR~* comic that is very cute and heartwarming (and also has not been seen by mortal eyes yet…).  We all put a lotta time and tender luvin care into this project, I hope y’alls support and enjoy the book!

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April 15 2014

Masha in the sky with diamonds /// figuring out two kids who listen to too much Bathory.  

So…what if I did a total swerve for myself…instead of making another film about dead/dying dudes, I’ll make a my senior manimation about dead/dying KIDS???  Do I keep the zombievikingghostwerewolf like the hottopic kid I truly am?  How much destruction of religious property can I manimate without being purposefully offensive????? didneypixar here I come

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April 14 2014
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Look at these filthy hipster photos (with extra pens in photo because LOOK I AM REAL MANGAKA UGUU~ I USE DRAWING TOOLS ^___^)

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April 11 2014

I wanted to draw a BIG POPPA PUMP shirt for myself cuz I’m sick of animating.  If any of y’alls want one as well, it’s on Redbubble/Society6.  I honestly don’t know which site’s better to buy from, but I buy stuff from Society6 a’cus they send out coupons all the time.  I’mma get a dark grey or navy!

Wresslemania tomorrow guys!  To all my freaks out there: holla, if ya hear me.

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April 5 2014
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Testing shots for film.  The genre is “post-blackened yaoicore”.

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March 28 2014
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I’m angry because I feel really bad for grampa pinoy now.  Also I spent way too long trying to ~*~*capture the purity and essence~*~*~ of this face.

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March 22 2014
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that feelin’ when you’re a berzerker killing machine filled with odin’s raging PISS and thunder, but you have the face/voice of a 13 year old boy going through puberty

that feelin’ when you’re a berzerker killing machine filled with odin’s raging PISS and thunder, but you have the face/voice of a 13 year old boy going through puberty

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March 21 2014
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doodle dump.  I wanna redo the sunset one.  I wanna do a big lineup of stage costumes.  I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING but ya can’t always git whatcha want.  ☮☮☮ peace out ☮☮☮

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March 17 2014
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