Peepee theory for sirenomelia dude and conjoined twins.  After much analysis, I have concluded:

  • Skeets has no genitals or bumhole.  Stoma on tummy.
  • Benny and Jet must share a ballsack and butt, but their peepees are strong independent women.  Also, they must have matching azn mullets at all stages of their lives.

More research to come.  Ying yang in this thang (ying yang), ying yang in this thang.


for my E.H(Eternal Homie) tempural…… her OC and my prospective husbando PROPHET

I always hella HELLA HELLA admired you and still do and think you did such a hella HELLA HELLA HELLA amazing job on this >:(  All the lil hairs and fuzz on him, and little doggie collar is always important…but what  makes you assume he’s not freeballin’??????


 Via tonyfo

Kinda want these all in one place hehe :-)  

  • Stupid ridiculous eyelashes and skislope noses and kissy lips and tiny chins.  WE LOVE YOU TYLERRRrrrrr
  • Surkin was really fun, but it sorta ended up way too Tumblr-style lookin’
  • Most successful was Goldust, acus what I had in mind actually fit with the pallette and it didnt take a ridiculous amount of time.
  • Lexxi was the most fun, because I don’t need any reference to draw him and just ~*~*go~*~* in a quickie.
  • Sheamus was a very satisfying sloppy drooly extremely fast quickie
  • Unsatisfied with electric blue Johnny other than the hair shapes, mostly because it’s so obviously incomplete.
  • I could have done so much better with Ryback/Pwual if it was just a black/white ink drawing.  It was my fault for not knowing how to utilize the palette.

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