Character design homework: Make 9 heads with distinct shapes, choose 1 head design and make 9 full-body poses for it.  I accidentally made 10 poses because I carn’t count :(  I HOPE MR. BELL LIKES THIS WHEN I TURN IT IN TOMORROW.

These assignments are good for me because I’m one of those people who have one “”“attractive”“”” girl face and just give it different wigs.  and and and YESSIR bringing back the business major/part-time stripper for this assignment.  She’s cool in bed, she oughtta be ‘cos Ethyl’s dead!

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    Ok ok this character is insanely cute and I’m loveing how expressive everything is aaaaaaah!
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    i’d tap that undead lady just sayin
  11. worwolf said: aaaah wow your crazy swoopy lines they are so nice
  12. psshaw said: I tried to draw this goddamn lady on your postcard but I drew her with both arms and that’s why you don’t have one yet. Also WOW THOSE POLE POSES.
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