if you don’t like long text posts i feel bad for you son ‘cos I HAVE TOO MANY TINY WASP LIKE THOUGHTS I MY HEAD AND I CAN’T THINK STRAIGHT FOR 5 MINUTES also this cereal from trader joe’s is gross

Okay so I’m watching TV with my sister right now and Alice Cooper is in an episode of Monk?  Alright.  Still pretty foxy for an old conservative christian golfer!

That is tangentially related because WOWOOW I cartoon musicians every so often in order steal their facial features for my brain reference library.  Plus, Fatxl Rose is just too cute…and don’t get me started on early 90’s flannel Megadeth.

Sleepy thoughts while I prepare to make my 1st pass animatic:

  • This version of Cherry is much more generically appealing than the model I’m working with now.  It’s a bit late to change her back, buuuut I’ll see what I can do.  It’s probably too obviously Bobbie Brown though.
  • I like the draw of Skeets on the bottom.  I tend to like old pages in my sketchbook more than whatever I’m working on now.
  • I should draw with highlighter + fine line marker more often.  It’s something I’ve copied learned from one of my wonderful teachers and it works very well.
  • Angry tour bus driver.  I’ve had his backstory in mind for the last 2 years but I’ve been too much of a coot to actually draw him.  He’s cut his hair, he’s cut off all ties, but he can’t run away~woooo~
  • Slowly getting the plot together for the dead little kid story.  Slowly.    Still figuring out if I want to use it for senior film.  The soundtrack will be nothing but obnoxious near-silent ambient noise.  Go away Varg.
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